All Shining Through

“I look at the side of your face as the sunlight comes
Streaming through the window in the autumn sunshine
And all the time…I’m thinking,
Wouldn’t it be great if it was like this all the time?” – Van Morrison

Fahnestock 1

Lovely weather we’ve been having lately, innit? Autumn is off to a great start, and I’m enjoying every moment of it.

It’s no secret that I am a lover of fall. As I’ve written before, there’s something about this season that makes me feel alive. It makes me want to gather all of my loved ones by me for an endless day of golden sunshine, laughter, and love. I picture a day of warm apple cider and cold, crisp beer; of savory roast pork and sweet, fragrant pies; of storytelling around toasty fires. Good craic. Togetherness at its finest.

fahnestock trees

Well, next fall that day I imagine just might come to fruition. Next October, Michael and I are getting married. We’ll stand side by side, surrounded by our nearest and dearest, in the season that I adore, and begin another new chapter together.

I can’t think of anything better.

Mike at Chimney Hill