Milk & Cookies

I think about writing here much more often than I actually write here. I have vague ideas of what to write about. I am inspired by new recipes I’ve made and loved (like this toasted sesame ginger salmon), by local food joints we’ve patronized and can’t rave about enough (like Clinton Hill’s Emily), or by all sorts of random thoughts that fuel my musings. But so often I find excuses not to see posts through, not to fully recognize those ideas. I want to be better about that.

Life has been so all over the place lately. Work is busy, wedding planning is in full swing, and we’re barreling towards the holiday season. It is, of course a dear season to me. It means lots of time surrounded by loved ones, no shortage of good food, and this year it also brings an engagement celebration for me and Michael. I look forward to every minute of it. But I also treasure weekends at home, when we have to travel nowhere, have hours to hang out in our neighborhood, and also have time to make special treats just because. I am truly relishing these pre-holiday weekends in Brooklyn.

Today we ventured out into our favorite BK stomping grounds to take engagement pictures. I think we caught one of the last truly autumnal weekends, and it was beautiful. Tonight, anxiously waiting to see how those photos turned out, we’re relaxing, going about our Sunday evening routine, and enjoying some good old fashioned chocolate chip cookies. Here’s to hoping the week ahead is as sweet as they are.

Choco chip


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