New Digs

This weekend, over the long Labor Day holiday, when smoke from grills around the neighborhood is sure to fill the air as the West Indian Day Parade rolls along Eastern Parkway, Michael and I will be moving. We’re packing up the apartment we’ve called home for the last three years and moving a whopping half a mile down the road.

It’s certainly bittersweet to leave this place, our first shared home where many memories were made (where this blog was created!). But I’m looking forward to this new chapter, to filling the new rooms with our furniture, knick-knacks, and the comings and goings of our life. I’m sure it will feel like home in no time.

So in the spirit of new beginnings, my blog is also moving to a new home and a revamped site: I plan to spruce it up with some additional enhancements as time goes on and I settle into the new virtual space. For now it’ll have a cleaner layout and an updated URL, sans the “Bikeless in Brooklyn” moniker.

Please take a peek here and remember to visit the new site for future posts!


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