Awww Shucky Ducky

It has been quite a long time since we made a second attempt at roasting a duck. So long that Michael’s winter beard was still in its fledgling stages back then!

But it was such a success  (granted, just managing to take the giblets out of the cavity before cooking was a giant leap forward from the first time) that I’d like to share some of the glamour shots.

 The key to this ducky was poking its skin every hour or so and flipping it…

 …to let all the fat drip deliciously down….

 …so that the skin crisped perfectly and came out looking like this.

Tasty looking, no?
 I also loved this shot from that night, of steam coming off of the grilled asparagus in swirls. 

And as they say in some parts of the south, “Aw, shucky ducky now!”

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