Spooky, scary!

Halloween was a week ago, yes, but it lingers as the Jack-o-lantern still sits on our balcony and I am still finishing off our candy supply. And shoot! I am just too proud of my first carving creation not to share. So here he is:
Took a few re-draws to finally get his big evil eyes and snarling mouth right. I do not claim to be an artist.

Skilled, precision knife-work by Dexter (aka Michael). 

Pumpkin guts and seeds we didn’t even bother to roast! 

Can’t blame us too much, though. We were simultaneously working on this beaut:
Whole wheat pizza with roasted eggplant sauce,crumbled hot Italian sausage and fresh mozzarella, topped with crispy sage leaves.

The finished product…
Bikeless AND headless!

So until next Halloween, stay spooky and scary, my friends. And stay tuned for my next long-form post on Berlin! 


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