I miss the written word. Sure, this isn’t the written written word in its truest form, but let’s not split hairs. It has been quite some time since I’ve written at length. Aside from a small journal during my trip to Berlin in May and the occasional grocery list, the last blank pages I’ve encountered were the beginnings of seemingly insurmountable 5-10 page papers standing in between me and my undergraduate degree. While I do not miss typing feverishly to meet a deadline that always seemed to arrive too soon (likely because I chose to wait until it was far too near on the horizon for comfort), I do miss filling pages with my voice, my musings, my perspective. 

As of late, the only writing exercises I’ve been engaging in are wretched email correspondences between me and my clients. These often involve long lists of inane instruction and polite (yet strained) pleas that they will just KINDLY follow the instructions I provide and not some strange bastardization or shortcut they create out of them. I’d like to break away from that and verbalize (or textualize) original speech before I permanently sound like a user’s guide. 

So here I am, blogosphere! Thanks to an off-hand suggestion by my boyfriend over dinner, I’m trying my hand at blogging. I may be a bit behind the times, but I come to this medium fresh-faced and enthusiastic: a twenty-something gal with energy, optimism, and things to say. I hope to use the space to share the happenings of my life and whatever few insightful thoughts I may come up with, while taking my creativity out for a spin (no bike pun intended, I swear).

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story… “The Tale of Bikeless in Brooklyn.”

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